Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thought One

A man enters a room through a door. A chair and table are the only furnishings in this otherwise empty room. A solitary light bulb, unornamented, hangs from the ceiling, lighting the room. He pauses after a few steps and turns hesitantly back towards the door. He reaches out and pushed the door. It swings shut. A sign is made visible on the door. It says ‘You have entered the minds of others.’ The man appears to read it. He shrugs and walks over to the table and chair. His right hand carelessly strokes the tabletop and his left hand clasps the backrest of the chair. His eyes roam the room but swiftly return to its only inhabitants – the table and chair. He shrugs again and sits down on the chair placing his hands neatly on the table in front of him. A few seconds pass in which no movement is visible in the room – except the slightest twitching of his left eyebrow. He pulls a face. It is an inscrutable grimace that might denote boredom. Lowering his head he lifts his hands to his face and props himself up with his elbows resting on the table. He appears to be thinking.

Suddenly he leaps up from his seated position and grabs the chair, throwing his forcefully against the wall. It beaks into a number of pieces with a loud smashing sound. Not stopping for a moment the man recovers what remains of the chair and hurls it yet again at the wall. This time the animation and vigour is perceptible in his movements, perhaps a certain enjoyment. His face remains stern and unwavering. He gathers the various bits and pieces that used to form a chair and places them in the corner in a neat pile. Walking to the centre of the room he stands with his hands on his hips and appears to contemplate the table. Only two seconds pass before he leaps forward athletically and lands with both feet on the table. He immediately begins jumping up and down with his feet together, effecting a violent assault on the main structure of the table. Loud creaks prelude the abrupt snapping of the surface on which he is bouncing. The man falls with the table as it snaps and collapses landing in a heap with half the table on either side of him. Apparently unharmed, he gives a sigh, possibly of relief, and springs to his feet.

The two halves of the ta

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