Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Words

Butter sweet victory.

Hispectacled (Hispanic and bespectacled).

The mine newt is the smallest of the newts.

A nanometre (one millionth of a millimetre) is how much a fingernail will grow in a second.

Hypotyposis - Vivid description of a scene, event, or situation, bringing it, as it were, before the eyes of the hearer or reader. (OED.)

At the slender hands of fate.

Pond scum is our noble ancestor. Though it is not often the subject of totemisation or deification. Is there an ancient god of algae?

Freudian ship.

Voracio: the hungrier brother of Horatio.

What do the curtains think? What do they think of me?

He turned out to be a bugler, not a burglar. The police let him go.

I am an ant on the wall past which a school mistress leads an unruly child by the ear. I understand nothing. They are mysterious giants. My antennæ tap onwards.

A truly old saw will remorselessly rust in dendrological rings which, although mimicing the circular years plotted inside a tree trunk, actually plot the years of sawing them down.

Can you water plants with saliva?

Our words dip their bare feet in ink buckets and walk the papers of our notebooks. See these inken footprints? Thoughts have walked here.

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