Sunday, March 17, 2013

City Morning

Eyes closed, legs asleep
Mind half awake, half submerged
Thoughts move beneath lids.

As fish that wrinkle
Pond water, his waking thoughts
Nudge egg-shell eyelids

His eye eggs curtain-
Hatch in shock at bedside bleats
From the time robot.

Drone-like, slippers find
Feet find steps to breakfast.
Life shudders in bones.

Porridge in the pan,
The bubbles pop like fame scene
Camera bulb flashes.

A bird on the lawn
Twists its head to hear a worm
Creaking underfoot.

A car door slams shut
Initiating the day
To the lung of sound.

Stalactites and mites
Face a wake up brush semi

Warm rain cubicle
Churns out soap scented fog while
Sky fire shuns street mist.

Work shoes trot equine
Clip clop on paving half-
Drowned in engine growl.

Some attempt to bus
Back to a dream, eyes drooping,
It’s a different dream:

A waking one, real,
Tiring, slow; somnolent though,
And still half unreal.

Minute and hour hand
Agree its hour nine, our time
To arrive and sit.

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