Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vessels of Small Craft

Vessels of Small Craft

The small craft of an Angel:
A solid, ceaselessly mobile trunk,
Wings of unnumbered flap
And the frictionless inchhigh glide
Programmed into the toes.

All this gives God the lesser headache
Compared with that which will brew
In the building of the mortal beast.

For the entropy of frailty is a subtle algorithm.
Innate obsolescence, you might call it, or death.

This rub for Him that has to be
The inescapable rub for each of us,
Has to render each of us an integer

Where angels must spin off into irrational
Unrepeating nuance. This snowflake boggler,
As we see it, calms the Eternal; who says
'Stick to what you know' albeit a human adage.

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